Staff Testimonials

“After earning my bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from UW-Seattle, I was very fortunate to earn a full-time position as a dental assistant at Dr. Izadi’s office. The opportunity to work for Dr. Izadi has been one of the most wonderful experiences that have greatly impacted my career. She inspired me to further my education in dentistry. Dr. Izadi’s philosophy toward dentistry does not only mean to care for the patients, but also to educate and guide them to a better overall oral health. Her treatment plans are always focused on the entire oral health well-being of the patient and not just the current issues.

“Because of that, after addressing the immediate dental issues, Dr. Izadi’s style of dentistry heavily focuses on preventive care versus purely reactive care. She tailors each treatment plan to each specific patient by collaborating with a team of highly trained specialists. Her work is just phenomenal. I have never seen restorative and cosmetic work that is as functional and artfully done as that of Dr. Izadi.

“Through her strong work ethics, Dr. Izadi showed me what defines a great dentist: devoted, talented, passionate, and professional. Seeing her amazingly skillful works, I am confident to recommend her to any patients that are looking for a gentle and thorough dentist. Dr. Izadi and her team are well-trained, professional, highly detail-oriented perfectionists. There are a lot of good dental offices out there; however, Dr. Izadi and her team is a great dental home that will ensure you leave the office satisfied after every single visit. I highly recommend her to all potential patients and employees.” — Natalie K.

“I enjoy working with Dr. Izadi because she has such a high standard of care and excellent values. She is incredibly thorough and truly values her career and her patients. Her focus is on quality dental care and I am confident that our patients are in excellent hands. She spends endless hours making sure that her staff is perfectly trained, expanding each individual’s knowledge of dentistry.

“After working two years as our patient care coordinator, I had the knowledge to succeed in my dental hygiene program. Individuals who are looking for a career where they can grow and have expanded functions would enjoy working in this clinic. Dr. Izadi would like her team to have a positive attitude, be willing to learn new techniques, and be flexible with their hours to provide the best service for our patients.” — Shanna M.

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